Whether it is custom house design, condo or office remodeling, 3D renderings allow clients to virtually view their spaces long before they're ever constructed.

RevitRender3D specializes in creating color renderings, animations and 3D sections as vital visualization tools for both the client and builder.
I've been involved in the construction business for over 35 years as a licensed contractor, builder, draftsman and designer. I learned AutoCAD 25 years ago and tried 3d modeling then, but the hardware and software were just not up to the task..

Now with Revit I can offer high quality renderings quickly and affordably for the residential and small commercial markets.

Room Schedules and Material Takeoffs are also available.
RevitRender3D  is part of JOBE CONSTRUCTION  owned by David Jobe General Contractor NV  Lic 42767A since 1996.
TERMS OF SERVICES for Rendering and Animation;

  • A complete set of construction documents are usually required with adequate dimensions and notes to allow for accurate modeling. Plans, elevations, and materials of the project; plus any furniture, wall colors and floor types you want placed in the model.

  • All files preferably transferred via email or Dropbox


  • Fees are based on an hourly rate of $65. Simple renderings as at top of page are typically $400 to $500. Complex renderings as shown on the Zephyr Cove and Hip Roof Pages are $2500 to $3000 depending on size and complexity. Animations are similar in price. Renderings and Animations are available in  final photorealistic or conceptual pastel or pencil sketch.

  • A proposal will be sent to the client and must be approved before any work begins.

  • A 50% deposit on the project is required before work begins.

  • Medium resolution drafts of the rendering will be sent to the client for approval per proposal.

  • After client approval, high resolution renderings will be created and emailed to the client within the time frame stated in the proposal.

  • The client will pay the remaining balance on their invoice after they receive the final renderings.
Additional Services: RevitRender3D offers photo quality color prints of any size as well as dry mounting and quality framing. Local deliveries and shipping are available.